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CTS Deployant Clasp in Titanium is Now Available

CTS Deployant Clasp in Titanium is Now Available

Titanium is having its moment right now, with many new releases made from this metal that's lighter than steel. In order to have the right clasp to pair with your watches, we are proud to introduce the CTS Deployant Clasp in Titanium!

These clasps are made of Grade 2 Titanium, and the resulting weight savings over the 316L Stainless Steel is noticeable on the wrist. Based on our measurements (without spring bars), the Titanium Clasp in 16mm weighs 10.0g, while the same version in Stainless Steel weighs 13.7g!

While Titanium is lighter than Steel, it is also softer and hence more prone to scratches. So do take note that your Titanium clasp is more likely to pick up marks and scratches with use.

These clasp come with a blasted finish for a sportier vibe, in two different colours that we're calling Gunmetal and Graphite. Gunmetal has a light, cool grey colour tone to it, while Graphite has a matte black look.


Here are some comparisons with the Steel versions of the clasp:

And here's the entire line-up of CTS Deployant Clasps currently available.

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