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Rubber Straps for Cartier Santos-Dumont

Rubber Straps for Cartier Santos-Dumont

If you're active on Instagram, browsing watch content, you've probably seen a photo of a Cartier Santos-Dumont paired with a rubber strap, and wondering to yourself - how do I get that look? Here's how!

Our Regular CTS rubber straps actually fit the Cartier Santos-Dumont! You just need to get the right lug width for the watch:

Cartier Santos-Dumont Large: 18mm (select 18-16 when purchasing the CTS strap)

Cartier Santos-Dumont Extra Large: 19mm (select 19-16 when purchasing the CTS strap)

Unfortunately, we do not have any rubber straps available for the Small Santos-Dumont at the moment.

However, do note that when fitting the CTS rubber straps to the Santos-Dumont, these straps are not integrated with the watch case. That means that it is not a flush fit with the case. You can read more about the differences between how a regular strap and how an integrated strap fits on the Santos-Dumont here

If you are looking for integrated rubber straps for the Cartier Santos-Dumont, unfortunately it is not something we offer at the moment.

However, if you would like integrated leather straps for the Cartier Santos-Dumont, you may check out this page for our Santos-Dumont strap collection.

Fitting a rubber strap on the Cartier Santos-Dumont switches up the look drastically, and instantly dresses down the watch. It's perfect if you're looking for an sporty alternative to the dressy look!

If you have any further questions, please reach out to us at or use the live chat.


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