Spring Deployant Clasp


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If you’re looking for a butterfly deployant clasp to match the quality of our leather straps, your search ends here! The Spring Deployant Clasp is thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted, and we’re confident to say that it’s the best aftermarket deployant clasp on the market. Here’s why:

  1. Machined to Perfection. The little details matter, and the Spring Deployant Clasp is machined to the highest standards possible, with a mix of brushed and polished surfaces where it matters. Sturdy, snappy and solid - this clasp will elevate any timepiece that it’s paired with, whether that’s a Seiko or a Simplicity.

  2. Secure and Convenient. The deployant clasp allows you to put your watch on and take it off securely and easily, without any fear of dropping your watch.  Coupled with the leaf-spring mechanism that is also found on our Rubber CTS Straps, it makes the process of wearing your watch convenient, secure and fun.

  3. Prolong Strap Longevity. Using a deployant clasp prolongs the longevity of your leather straps. Without the need to repeatedly feed the buckle tongue through the strap holes or bend the strap each time you wear your watch, it keeps your leather strap looking pristine even with months of use. We took it one step further - the buckle tongue was designed with an S-curve which reduces the pressure and stretching of strap holes, and provides a more ergonomic wearing experience.

  4. Removable Tang Buckle. A not-so-secret feature of the Spring Deployant Clasp is that the buckle is removable! This means that you can use the tang buckle on its own when you prefer the simplicity of a tang buckle, and it also means that you can swap out the Delugs buckle to use an OEM buckle on this clasp*!

  5. Ease of Installation. Finally, we designed this clasp to be easy to install and compatible with any standard leather straps. No screws or special attachments needed, just a plain and simple spring bar. Butterfly-style means that there's no need to change the length of your strap, whether you're using a tang buckle or deployant clasp!

  • Clasp Type: CTS Deployant Clasp with Buckle
  • Clasp Material: 316L Steel