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Embrace the essence of your timepieces while we handle the rest. Partner with Delugs to seamlessly elevate your watch brand through our collaborative initiatives. From custom strap designs to strategic marketing campaigns, our expertise allows you to focus on your watches while we take care of the details. Discover the power of partnership with Delugs and let your timepieces shine.

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At Delugs, we are uniquely positioned to offer you more than just being a supplier. We are open to exploring ways in which we can add value to your business.

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Customisable Offerings

Discover endless possibilities with our customizable options for leather straps, rubber straps, and storage accessories. Tailor your selections to match your unique style and preferences. From material choices and stitching colors to special branding options, make each piece uniquely yours. Explore the flexibility of customization and create your ideal watch accessory collection.

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Extensive Product Range

Explore our extensive selection of over 400+ straps and accessories, consistently restocked to meet your needs. At Delugs, we are dedicated to innovation and continually push the boundaries with new concepts, materials, and processes. Our vision is to be the go-to brand for watch accessories internationally, serving consumers, retailers, and watch brands.

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Adding Value to Your Business

At Delugs, we believe that we're more than just a supplier; we're a strategic partner dedicated to enhancing your business. We offer valuable insights not only on strap selection but also on market sentiments, media content, and publicity strategies. 

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Creation Timeline

From the first spark of inspiration to the final product, we keep you in the loop every step of the way. Get ready to follow along and watch your vision come to life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need a Business Account?

Logging into your business account will enable you to view the wholesale prices, check the status of your orders, see real-time availability of products, and access additional features and information that are exclusively available to our partners.

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What are the B2B Prices & Quantities?

Our B2B prices and minimum order quantities vary depending on the product of interest. Please reach out to us using this form with more details and specifications. This will allow us to provide you with accurate pricing and quantity information tailored to your needs. Generally, we have adopted tiered B2B rates, where larger quantities result in greater discounts.

How can my watch brand become a partner with Delugs?

To become a partner with Delugs, please reach out to our partnership team through the designated contact form on our website. We'll be delighted to discuss collaboration opportunities and tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your brand.

What types of collaboration opportunities does Delugs offer for watch brands?

At Delugs, we offer diverse collaboration opportunities for brands, such as custom design, joint marketing campaigns, and event organising. Through our partnership, you stand to gain access to our expertise in strap pairing and design, extensive network of watch community and enthusiasts, and commitment to craftsmanship. We leverage our marketing platforms to showcase partner watch brands through curated content and targeted campaigns, amplifying their presence to a global audience of watch enthusiasts. Explore our offerings for your brand here.

Can Delugs create custom watch straps for my brand?

Yes, absolutely! Delugs specialises in crafting bespoke watch straps tailored to the specifications and branding requirements of our partners. From selecting of the materials to the design of the strap, our team works closely with your brand to bring your vision to life. See what we can do here.

What materials are available for custom watch straps?

Delugs offers a diverse selection of materials for custom watch straps, including leather, fabric, and rubber, each with multiple variants and colours to ensure ideal compatibility with your watches. We have meticulously curated our current catalog of materials, featuring a wide range of leather sourced from reputable tanneries, and FKM rubber and fabric known for their comfort and durability.

How does the strap customisation timeline from designing to manufacturing with us for your brand work?

We start off with a consultation to better understand your needs before moving on to your brand’s vision, style and the technical requirements needed for the project. After a design is finalised, we work with our crafters through each step of the manufacturing process to ensure your customised straps are of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

See more details regarding timeline here.

What are the Fulfilment and Shipping Time?

Please refer to the timeline for details of the fulfilment and shipping time. 

What is your Warranty Policy?

For products sold through our retail partners, customers are to reach out to these retailers regarding warranty claims. Retailers will assess the product issue and make any necessary rectifications as part of their after-sales service.

If the products are assessed to be defective, retailers are to collate and reach out to us for reassessment and rectification, providing clear pictures and depictions of the issues.

Our standard remedial action would be to send a replacement product. In the event of product discontinuation, retailers can opt for a refund or similar products.

The following will not be accepted under warranty:

  • General wear and tear
  • Damage due to misuse, negligence, or intentional damage.
What are your Returns, Refunds and Exchange Policies?

Please reach out to your dedicated account manager.

What should I do if I am still unable to find the details and information that I’m seeking?

Please reach out to our team using this form. More information and details can be found in the Retail Partners Agreement, and upon onboarding, our retail partners will be issued an Authorised Retail Partner Letter.

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