Clear Strap Packaging Insert (12 Slots)


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The Strap Packaging Insert (12 Slots) is used to store and organise your strap collection. 

Sized slightly larger than A4, the insert has 12 individual slots that can fit straps up to 26mm in width, and 135mm in length. A press-lock seal at the top and middle of the packaging helps to keep the straps within. Four metal grommets reinforce the holes used to slot the inserts into the metal binder, ensuring that the inserts will stay robust even after months and years of use. Sticker labels are sold separately, if you wish to label the insert and the straps within.

The Strap Packaging Insert (12 Slots) can be used in conjunction with our Strap Folio (Large).

Dimensions: 30cm x 24cm (LxW)