Sun Yellow Epsom Slim Strap

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If you're looking for a watch strap that's soft and comfortable to wear from Day 1 to the end of days, and with a wide range of colours to match your outfit or personality, the Epsom Slim watch strap is perfect for you. At only 2.2mm thick, this strap is extremely pliable and wraps around your wrist easily. Epsom Slim strap is perfect for both the office and bar - the one strap for all your needs.

If you want a strap that has a beautiful texture, good scratch and water resistance, and continues looking pristine even with repeated use, Epsom is the right choice. Epsom from Tanneries Du Puy in France is well-known for its quality, wide range of colours and perfect rigidity. It is the same leather that is used in many Hermes products.

Excerpt from Strap Guide by Daniel: "Something light and bright, for those perfect casual summer evenings. You know the ones I'm talking about. The ones with friends, perfect weather, and a beer or two. Paired with a simple t-shirt and sweater, the Polerouter on the Yellow Epsom Slim Strap is certainly eye-catching! The yellow epsom dress down the Polerouter, but the full contrast white stitch still gives it just a touch of class. Yes, this combo is a little loud. However, I think the whole point of having different straps is to swap them out for different occasions. And for a nice summer evening on the patio with friends, a little loudness fits the occasion perfectly."

This strap has been discontinued and will not be restocked.

  • Strap Style: Slim
  • Thread Colour: 6 - Cream
  • Strap Thickness: 2.2mm
  • Buckle Type: Regular, Engraved
  • Buckle Finish & Colour: Brushed Silver
  • Note: This strap has been discontinued and will not be restocked.

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