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Navy Chevre Slim Strap

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Chevre leather from Alran tannery is most often used in small leather goods. The beauty of Alran Chevre is in the texture and grain. It has a slight pebbled texture that is very smooth to the touch, making any product immediately look luxurious. Compared to Epsom, the pebbled surface on Chevre is formed naturally from the raw goat leather and the tanning process, and not embossed on. It also has finer pebbled grain patterns compared to Epsom, and is slightly shiny. Similar to Epsom, Chevre also has very strong water and scratch-resistant properties.

Excerpt from Strap Guide by Samuel: "This strap stands out with its luxurious texture and grain. The leather comes from the Alran tannery, and it’s often used in small leather goods. The strap is very smooth and soft, and it has a beautiful pebbled texture. This grain pattern is more delicate than Epsom, and you can really feel the difference. You can dress up a watch with this strap, and that’s why I always choose it when I’m wearing a suit."

  • Strap Style: Slim
  • Thread Colour: 79 - Dark Blue
  • Strap Thickness: 2.2mm
  • Buckle Type: Regular, Engraved
  • Buckle Finish & Colour: Brushed Silver
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