Chestnut Buttero Signature (Curved) Strap

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Buttero leather from Conceria Walpier is the king of patina. The leather tells your story - it picks up whatever marks or scratches, but those quickly fade and merge into the leather. With enough time and wear, this leather will develop a beautiful sheen and also darken in shade, with each faded mark reminding you of a time in your life.

Excerpt from Strap Guide by Majd: "Put simply, Buttero leather has soul. As it slowly picks up scratches over time, it begins to develop this beautiful patina in a way that few other kinds of leather do. And because it is also incredibly smooth to the touch, I can safely say that a great Buttero leather strap is like your favourite pair of shoes: well made, familiar, and supremely comfortable... Chestnut is a no fuss colour option here, and can lend itself well to an array of metals, from steel to various shades of gold and beyond. This choice is slightly off the beaten path, and is a surefire way to signal that you have given thought to the matter."

Note: This strap comes with curved lugs. Read more about whether you need a curved strap here.

  • Strap Style: Signature (Curved)
  • Thread Colour: 6 - Cream
  • Strap Thickness: 4.5-2.2mm
  • Buckle Type: Regular, Engraved
  • Buckle Finish & Colour: Brushed Silver
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