Butterfly Deployant Clasp


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Looking to class up your straps one notch? Look no further than the Butterfly Deployant Clasp. Apart from looking good, it also preserves the strap as you just keep the clasp locked in to the watch strap hole the first time you use it, and for subsequent use all you have to do is open up the clasp to remove the watch. This is unlike a tang buckle, where you have to repeatedly pull the strap against the buckle, wearing it down.

Comes in 4 colours (silver, gold, rose gold, black) and 5 widths (14mm, 16mm,18mm, 20mm, 22mm) to match majority of the watches out there.

Note: Most of the straps we buy is tapered (for example, 20-18). If you want to purchase the deployant clasp for your strap, make sure you purchase the tapered width (18mm), and not the lug width (20mm). If you are unsure, drop us a message and we'll be glad to help out.

Also, deployant clasps will not be installed onto the strap unless specifically requested. You will need a spring bar tool to remove the existing buckle on your watch if you are looking to install it on your own.