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By Collectors, For Collectors.

We set out to design and produce watch accessories that were highly functional, immensely beautiful, and incredibly well-made. Taking the same approach towards accessories as we did towards watch straps, we looked at what was already available on the market, and asked ourselves: Could we improve on the design? Could we add in features that watch collectors would find useful? Could we make it with better quality material, but still keep the costs manageable? Are we able to provide value to the watch community, and not just be yet another fish in am already crowded pond? The answer is a resounding yes, and the result is our watch storage and accessories collection.

Every product goes through at least half a year of research, survey, design, and multiple rounds of prototyping, before we finally decide if the product is ready and suitable for the watch community. We researched what's on the market, and assessed if there's an area we can add more value. We surveyed and interviewed our friends, fans and customers to better understand their requirements and what matters most. We sketched out different designs, incorporating useful features in an elegant manner. We made one prototype, then another, then another, until the actual product in hand is something that we are proud to put our name behind. We then decide on the leathers and colours for the final production, before finally launching the product.

And the work does not stop there. As the accessories go out and people put them through their paces, we get feedback and thoughts on how it can be improved. We listen to your feedback, and think about how we can make the next version even better. After all, we don't want to make something that just works. We want to make something that is exceptional.

Zip Case Duo

We designed the Zip Case Duo to provide a slim, fuss-free and secure way to store two watches. This is perfect if you are heading for a weekend travel and want to bring a total of three watches (one on the wrist, two in the case), or if you are meeting a couple of fellow watch geeks. Throw in a few straps in that middle divider, and you're all set.

It is evident that Delugs only uses high quality leather. There are no defects on this case - not even the slightest defect. These are very well made and should cost a lot more. This is of similar quality to my wife’s Prada wallet at a fraction the cost. HIGHLY RECOMMEND.


Matt (Edmonton, CA)

23 Nov 2020


Our Prism was designed to store and display your watches, whether they are on a strap or bracelet, providing a secure protection and ease of access to your watches. The roof lays flat and doubles as a scratch-free surface to place your watch on. Each cushion is individually removable, and sized to accommodate smaller wrists.

After trying and testing multiple watch rolls, watch cases, watch boxes, and other forms of watch storage from multiple companies from all over the world. I genuinely couldn’t believe that the best one was right under my nose and from my country of residence the entire time...<abridged> I absolutely love them, and will use them for display while I’m home, and it will be the go-to travel case of my choice without a doubt. Pure class, love it.


D.S. (Singapore)

06 Jan 2021

Valet Tray

Don't just dump all your items in the drawer! Give your everyday carry a luxurious home to get back to at the end of the day, or bring the valet tray to your next watch gathering to lay out those timepieces for everyone to admire! Our trays are padded with sponge material for a plush cushion to protect your belongings.

If Delugs keeps bumping out quality stuff like this, I'll keep returning. This tray is so much fun, especially the color and I've been using it to do strap change, watch cleaning, or just as a backdrop for the photos. Love it!


TN (North Vancouver, CA)

11 May 2021

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We are confident that our products are well-made and can last a lifetime. So confident, that we are offering lifetime warranty on all Delugs products. Just drop us an email and we will settle the rest!

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