Strap Guide: Join as a Contributor!


We are extremely excited to have started a new initiative within the watch community - the Strap Guide. It is a showcase for photographs and write-ups of watches on our straps, written by members of our community!

As a strap retailer with hundreds of different straps available, the most common question and request we receive is for strap recommendations. With the many different watches out there, it can be challenging trying to find out what is the best looking combination for the watch. And not all of us have rich and vibrant imaginations, or dare to take a leap with a bold combination. Despite having the Strap Finder, which helps to visualise watch and strap combinations, nothing beats having real life photos of how the combination looks and works together. Sometimes it also helps if we can see how watches can pair with different outfits!

The Strap Guide series was created as a way to showcase different strap options on various watches, with the help of the watch community. We wanted to reach out to different personalities in our community, because of the variety that this provides.

  1. Variety in Watches. As much as we would like to think otherwise, there is just no way that anyone can own all the different watches in the world. With Strap Guides written by members of our community, it allows us to create guides for a wide variety of watches, even those that our team at Delugs might not have in our own collection.
  2. Variety in Strap Selection. Everyone has different preferences and tastes. Some of us may like a more monochrome look. Others may like vibrant colours. By reaching out to different collectors, we get to see a wide variety of choices and selection, and also hear about their reasons for choosing each individual strap.
  3. Variety in Photography. In this day and age of social media, photography has become a very big part of our watch collecting hobby, and there are a ton of talented photographers out there, each with their own personal shooting and editing style. The Strap Guide is a way to showcase the various photography styles from the collectors and photographers in our community.

Join as a Contributor!

Application Requirement

If you like this initiative, and would like to contribute by writing a Strap Guide for a watch that you own, here's what you need to know to apply as a contributor:

  1. You will need to feature a watch that you currently own, which we do not currently have a Strap Guide for. Our preference is towards watches that have general appeal to the watch community, and are generally available for purchase.
  2. We will provide you with up to 5 straps of your choice, free of charge, that you can feature in your Strap Guide. You may also include past Delugs straps that you may have purchased.
  3. You don't have to have thousands of followers on Instagram or other social platforms to be a contributor. You do not even need an Instagram account!
  4. However, we do require you to be proficient in photography. This does not mean having an expensive camera set-up - even if you have just a smartphone, that might work. What we are looking for is in the overall look, feel and style of the photos. You may refer to past Strap Guides to see the types of photos that we require.

Strap Guide Requirements

These are what we will expect:

  1. At least 2 photos of each watch and strap combo. Photos should show both the watch and strap, taken in varying settings / angles. Note: the photo need not show the entire strap, just showing one portion of the strap will be sufficient. We will use these photos on our website and social media.
  2. A written write-up (around 500 words in total) that covers (1) an overview of the watch, (2) for each strap, an explanation of the strap choice and combo.
  3. The above to be completed and sent (upload all photos and the write-up into a Google Drive / DropBox etc and submit the link) within one month from receiving the straps.

Here's What to Expect

Application Process

  1. Decide on the watch that you would like to make the Strap Guide for.
    1. The watch (or a similar model) should not already have an existing strap guide. We might have some Strap Guides in the pipeline that is not yet published on our website, so do check in with us on the watch you would like to make the guide for, before searching for straps.
    2. Currently, we are only making Strap Guide for watches that have a general appeal to the watch community, and are generally available for purchase (either at retail or on the secondary market). We understand that this might be subjective - we will make a case-by-case decision based on every application that we receive.
    3. The watch should only require straps we already have in stock currently. For example, we are not currently taking application for Strap Guides for Vacheron Constantin Overseas as the straps are all custom made only at the moment.
  2. Confirm the lug width of the watch, and the strap size that you require based on your wrist size.
  3. Head over to our Ready Stock Collection, and filter the selection according to the width and size that you require, to check what is in stock.
  4. Decide on up to 5 straps that you would like to receive.
    1. We would prefer if different leather / colour options are chosen (for example, not to choose 5 alligator straps, or 5 dark brown straps), so as to provide greater inspiration for people reading the Strap Guide.
  5. Add the straps (in the correct width and size) to your cart, and take a screenshot of your cart with the five chosen straps.
  6. Send us an email (, including the following details:
    1. Email Title: Strap Guide Contributor for <insert watch model here>
    2. Screenshot of your cart with the five chosen strap
    3. Instagram profile (if any). If not, send us past samples of your watch photography work, preferably featuring the watch that you would like to make the guide for.
  7. Upon receiving your email, we will evaluate if your application is successful, based on the application requirements above. If you are unsuccessful, we will write back and inform you of the reasons why this is so.
  8. If your application as a contributor is successful, we will provide you with a code to complete your purchase of the straps for the Strap Guide. Feel free to also purchase any other products and we will send it together. You can now begin writing the Strap Guide!

Strap Guide Process

  1. Once you have received the straps, proceed to take the photos and work on the write-up. You may refer to this Strap Guide as an example of a well written and photographed guide.
    1. Keep the aspect ratio of photos to 4:5 (portrait orientation), with a resolution of at least 3mpx.
    2. The write-up should be around 500 words long.
    3. We would also appreciate it if you could leave a review on our website (with photos) for the straps that you received.
  2. Feel free to post the photos that you have taken on your own social media, even before we have published the Strap Guide on our website.
  3. Once your photos and write-up is completed, upload them into a Google drive folder, and send us a link to access the files.
  4. We will look through what you have submitted, and if any amendments are needed, we will inform you before publishing the guide on our website. If no amendments are needed, we will work on uploading your Strap Guide onto our website.
  5. We will release the Strap Guide and inform you once it is done. Do note that we might not publish your guide immediately, as we try to space out the release of new Strap Guides, on a weekly basis.
  6. If the experience has been pleasant and enjoyable, and you would like to work on another Strap Guide for a different watch, feel free to reach out to us again!

Tips on Creating a Fantastic Strap Guide

  1. Wear each strap for a few days before starting to make the guide. A worn in strap looks much better in photos than one that is brand new. It also allows you to get a better feel for the strap, and hence produce a write-up that is more accurate.
  2. Put yourself in the perspective of a fellow watch collector, who either owns the same watch, or are thinking of getting the same strap. What might they be concerned about? What would they want to know about the strap?
  3. Photos are everything. Take your time with the photography, and find good lighting and angles that allow you to showcase the strap properly (i.e. don't have the strap fade entirely into the bokeh).
  4. Have a variety of photos in different lighting conditions, and from different angles. Instead of having two wrist shots, consider taking a photo of the watch on your wrist, and another photo off the wrist.
  5. Showcase how you would pair the watch with outfits too! If you can photograph the watch and strap with your outfit, that will be fantastic. If you cannot, then write about it!

If the above sounds appealing and you would like to proceed to be a Contributor, please get in touch with us with the details as mentioned above! We would love to feature your Strap Guide on our website, and share it with the rest of the watch community.