Our Guarantee

We want to just deliver the best products. We also want to deliver the best shopping experience. From the start to forever. Here's our guarantee to you.

Customer First

We will always place you, the customer, at the forefront of our minds. A supportive customer base is like oxygen to us. We will not sabotage our long-term relationship with you, in order to gain one extra sale.


We will be responsive to any question or comment that you may have. You can also reach us via multiple channels (Instagram, Whatsapp, email), whatever suits you best. Because we recognise that as a relatively young brand, and with so many leather and customisation options, you will have questions about how this will work. And we are here to answer those questions.

Quality Products

We will always strive to deliver the best possible products. We take pride in our craft, in our straps, in our business. We will use only top quality leather, and we will not take shortcuts in how we craft. It may save us some money in production cost, but you can definitely tell the difference in quality.

Fair Prices

We will price our straps fairly, based on our costs and the prices of other comparable straps. While this means that we will not price our straps at exorbitant levels (even though our quality does allow us to do so), we will also not undercut ourselves. While low prices is good for the consumer in the short run, in the long run, this is unsustainable to our business, and hence the watch community will have one less strap maker to purchase from.

Always Improving

We will always improve. We will always be releasing new products, trying new materials, exploring different techniques. We will be on more channels, creating new media to showcase our products. We will improve our systems, our processes, our packaging and delivery. And we will do this with your help, feedback and inputs!