Does your strap fit my watch?

If you're looking to purchase a strap for your watch, you will need to know the lug width of your watch. Lug width refers to "A" in this schematic below. There are two ways to find out the lug width of your watch.

Firstly, you can Google "<watch brand and model> lug width" and see if there is an answer from the brand's website, or some other websites. Secondly, you can simply take a ruler and measure the lug width directly on your watch.

Lug widths are typically in whole numbers, and while the most common lug widths are between 18-22mm, they can go down to 8mm or up to 32mm even. Our ready stock straps are available in 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 24mm and 26mm. If you need other lug widths, you can have it custom made.

You will then need to purchase a strap of the same lug width. For example, if your watch has a lug width of 20mm, you will need to purchase strap with a width of 20-16.

Note: Our Widths typically have two numbers, for example 20-16. The first number (20) refers to the lug width ("A" in the schematic above). The second number (16) refers to the buckle width ("B" in the schematic above). You just need to ensure that the first number matches the lug width of your watch.