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Tissot PRX Rubber Straps: First in the World!

Tissot PRX Rubber Straps: First in the World!

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The Tissot PRX was first released in 2021, with the Quartz version (PRX 40 205) announced in Jan 21 and the automatic version (PRX Powermatic 80) in Jun 21. The watch quickly found success amongst both new and seasoned collectors, with its stylish design, integrated metal bracelet, and US$375 and US$650 price point for the quartz and automatic versions respectively. Tissot recognised the success of the PRX line, and in quick succession, followed up with the PRX Chronograph in Mar 22, and the 35mm PRX (Quartz) in April 22.

They also released an integrated leather strap option in March 22, allowing collectors to swap between the bracelet and leather strap for a different look. Unlike the Delugs leather strap for the PRX, the OEM Tissot leather strap came with a metal adapter. However, as a sports watch, there was one thing that was sorely missing from the entirely line-up, and that was a rubber strap for the PRX.

A well-fitted rubber strap for the PRX could cement its position as one of the best sub-$1000 sports watch, and fans of the PRX have been asking for a rubber strap option from the moment the watch was released.

Today, after months of research and development, Delugs is pleased to announce that we are releasing integrated rubber straps for the Tissot PRX - a first in the world!

Tissot PRX Rubber Straps by Delugs

While rubber is a new material that we have not worked with before, rest assured that these straps were subjected to the same high standards and attention to detail that we have for all of our products. Even though the Tissot PRX is priced at just $650, it doesn't mean that it should be devoid of high quality straps! Here's what you can expect:

Integrated Fit with the Tissot PRX

These straps are made specifically for the PRX (40mm), and have a flush fit (zero gap) with the case.

FKM Rubber with Tropic Pattern

The straps are made with FKM (Fluoroelastomers) rubber. It was the natural choice because it had the best properties for use in a watch strap. Most importantly, it was flexible, durable, and best of all, didn't attract dust! While FKM rubber does cost more than silicon or lower-grade rubber, it was definitely worthwhile.

 A tropic-style texture was chosen for the strap, to match with the tapissierre dial pattern of the PRX Powermatic 80.

Double Knob Quick Release Spring Bars

Similar to the PRX bracelet, the rubber straps will come with double knob quick release spring bars. This makes it very easy to change between your bracelet and rubber straps. A double knob quick release spring bar is needed for rubber straps because of the tight integrated fit of the strap, unlike leather straps which have some flex.

Grooves on Underside for Ventilation

We added horizontal grooves on the underside of the strap for ventilation purposes. These grooves are made without any complex patterns, and sufficiently wide, to allow for easy cleaning of any dirt that may build up over time.

316L Stainless Steel Buckle to Match Case Aesthetic

To match the aesthetic of the Tissot PRX case, we made the straps with a buckle that had a mix of polished and brushed surfaces, and angular bevelled edges.

The Specifications

The straps will be made according to the following specifications:

  • Lug-Buckle Width: 24mm at the case, tapered to 18mm at the buckle. 12mm width for the lugs.
  • Strap Length: Medium (115/70), Small (105/65) - please refer to our Sizing Chart to determine the length that you need
  • Colours Available: Black, Navy, White, Green, Dark Grey, Orange, Tiffany Blue
  • Buckle Style: PRX tang Buckle, Butterfly Deployant Clasp (additional cost)

The straps will fit any of the Tissot PRX in 40mm, including both Quartz and Automatic versions.

The straps will not fit any of the Tissot PRX in 35mm, or the PRX Chronograph. We will release rubber straps for the 35mm and Chronograph if the demand is strong enough for them.

Availability and Pricing

The Tissot PRX Rubber Straps will be available for pre-order from 27 Aug 22, and production of the straps is expected to take 2 months. Orders will be sent out from November 2022 onwards. 

We will adopt a tiered pricing model, depending on when the order is placed:

  1. Pre-Order Phase 1 (27 Aug 22 to 2 Sep 22): US$150 / strap
  2. Pre-Order Phase 2 (3 Sep 22 to 31 Oct 22): US$165 / strap
  3. Regular Pricing (after 1 Nov 22): US$180 / strap

You may place your orders here.

Daily Wear Notes

These notes were recorded when we first put the straps on the watches and wore them around. We tried our best to be objective about our thoughts and emotions as we wore the strap around. As you can probably tell, we were extremely excited by the straps!

Wow, absolutely in love with the Tissot PRX now. As someone who was never much of a bracelet guy, I wasn't in love with the stock PRX. Making leather straps did help a little, but the watch is extremely sporty and just screams for a sporty strap (rubber or sailcloth-type). The rubber strap pairs amazingly well with the PRX - we made the strap pattern to match the dial pattern on the automatic PRX. The strap integrates and flows perfectly from the case to the strap, and feels very cohesive. The taper on the rubber strap results in a very classy look too. Sporty but classy.

The rubber strap also makes the PRX wear better on my wrist compared to the bracelet. The strap attaches and curves downwards immediately, so the lug to lug distance is really kept minimal.

As the strap was made quite thin, it is very soft and flexible, zero break-in required from the start and it is very easy to put on. FKM rubber is extremely smooth, and best part of all, it doesn't attract any dust. Love it!

Areas for Improvement:

  1. Attaching the strap was a little difficult, because of the angle that the strap attaches on, making it tough to grip onto the quick release knob. Removing the strap also requires a tool as the quick release knob is "hidden" and protected. The knob is also only present on one side of the strap as opposed to both sides, so inserting the rubber component with spring bar into the notch on the watch case was tricky. However, after the strap is attached, it stays on superbly well, and frankly, there's no need to remove this strap ever.
  2. The underside is plain without any pattern, so moisture will get trapped and stay on the strap. But just a small issue since the entire strap can just be washed.

It's been a week of wearing the Tissot PRX with the rubber strap. Yes, I am stress testing the rubber strap, but I've stress tested many other straps before and none have made me so excited, so much so that I actually want to wear it anywhere and everywhere that I go.

In the past week, I've gone for a run with the watch, showered with it, worn it for over 24 hours straight, left it in the car in the afternoon heat in Singapore (up to 40 degrees celcius), and strapped the watch on/off at least 10 times a day.

I'm happy to report that the strap looks pretty much the same as it did on Day 1. There are some slight wear marks on the underside of the strap, caused by the jagged edges on the sides of the strap. Other than that, the strap still looks and feel like it did on the day I first had it. Strap holes did not stretch out at all, the strap is still extremely pliable and soft, no deformity of any kind observed, even with the sweltering temperatures in Singapore. Keepers are sized perfectly, doesn't move around after it secures the strap end and worked well even during the run.

I would safely say that this combo is going to permanently feature in my collection just because of how ridiculously comfortable and sporty it is. I've never really been so excited about a watch and strap combination for a long time. This might just be the "beater" watch that I can wear all year round, in all conditions, and even travel around with.

It has a beautiful dial pattern, a good mix of brushed and polished surfaces on the case that gives it some visual interest, yet not have any polished surface that are scratch magnets (Cartier Santos, I'm looking at you...). Automatic movement with a display caseback just for some added visual elements to admire. The rubber strap integrates perfectly with the case and just feels right at home. Having the option to switch to a leather strap or bracelet also makes this watch extremely versatile. Best of all, the price point on this watch means that I don't feel such a heartache if I ever get the watch scratched or dinged up.

How can I improve on this strap even more? Some pattern on the underside to provide for more venting and let the moisture evaporate. Maybe a different buckle to better match the sporty aesthetic of the watch. And improvements to the attachment portion to make the quick release actually useable without any tools.

We've been playing around with the first prototype for a couple of months now, and decided to make a few adjustments to make it just a little better. The second prototype came in, but didn't really make the cut, just because of how the strap holes looked, so for the past couple of months we had been waiting for the final prototype to come in, and it finally arrived today!

We made this strap in Navy instead of Black, to test how well it matches with the blue PRX dial. In the sunlight, the colour is almost a medium blue. Indoors, it looks closer to a Navy. Unlike some of the other blues that we've had before, you can definitely tell that this is a shade of blue, and not black, which is great to have some differentiation from the black rubber strap. And it is indeed a good match with the blue waffle dial.

The improvements that we made to the first and second prototypes were spot on! Right off the bat, this strap was much easier to attach to the PRX, with the double knob quick release spring bar. The knob was still a little short (same height as the knobs in the OEM PRX bracelet actually), which made it a little tricky to use if you didn't have longer nails. We might make the knob longer for the final production version, just so it is even more usable without tools.

The grooves on the underside of the strap gives greater confidence in the all-weather nature of this strap. It is hard to tell how much of a difference these grooves actually make, but unlike the first prototype, perspiration doesn't form all over the strap even when walking out in the heat. The use of embossed logo, instead of debossed logo in the first prototype, really helps in preventing dirt from getting into the small nooks and holes.

The new buckle was definitely the right choice. Compared to the standard Delugs buckle, this one felt more sporty, and the shape and finishing matches the case of the PRX. I also tried pairing the strap with our deployant clasp. Personally, I'm not a fan of deployant clasps just because of the additional bulk that it adds, but it works well on this strap for those who prefer it.

Finally, we got this sample made in 105/65 instead of 115/70. On my 6.5 inch wrist, this shorter size works well (using the middle hole), with the strap ending just before it peeks through on the other side of my wrist. 

Is there still room for improvement on this third and final prototype? I think that there will likely be aesthetic differences - some people will prefer a smooth texture instead of this tropic pattern (especially if they own the quartz version and not the automatic). However, that is a matter of personal taste, and not a qualitative improvement. Apart from using an even longer knob for the quick release spring bar for the final production version, it's hard for me to see how we can improve on this strap even more. Which means that the strap is finally ready for production and release!

Frequently Asked Questions

For now, we will only have the straps available in Medium (115/70) and Small (105/65), and we do not have plans to release the strap in other lengths unless there is a strong demand for us to do so. This is mainly due to the high cost of releasing a new length.

We will have 7 colours available at release (Black, Navy, White, Green, Dark Grey, Orange, Tiffany Blue). Currently, we do not have plans for any other colours. However, if you do have suggestions on what colours we should add next, please let us know and we will consider it!

No, rubber straps are not available for custom order, as these straps are made via injection molding, which requires the use of specialised molds. Read more about the development of these straps here!

We hope to release rubber straps for the PRX 35mm and Chronograph by March 2023. This would give us enough time to take in feedback from customers on the rubber straps, and make any adjustments if needed.

Personally, the rubber strap makes the Tissot PRX wear much better on my 6.5 inch wrist, compared to the bracelet or even our leather straps. Because the strap is very supple and flexible, it does not increase the effective lug-to-lug distance more than the bracelet does.

Yes, you may use the strap with our Butterfly Deployant Clasp in 18mm, which is available for purchase separately.

No, these straps come with double knob quick release spring bars, which means that you can insert and remove the strap without the use of any tools. This is similar to the OEM bracelet that comes with the watch.

However, because of the small size of the quick release knobs, it can be a little challenging trying to manipulate them with your fingers. We do have a two-pronged spring bar tool that can make it easier to perform this delicate process.

Yes, we ship internationally from Singapore. Please refer to our shipping policy. Do note that the price listed above does not include shipping or any custom duties that may be applicable.

No, we are not associated with Tissot. The Tissot PRX Rubber Strap was wholly developed by us, Delugs, an independent watch accessories and strap company based in Singapore. 


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