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The story of Delugs

The story of Delugs

We started off as leathercrafters. Working with all kinds of leather, day in and day out. Crafting straps, belts, wallets, pouches, purses, clutches, bags. Honing our craft, developing patterns, and creating handmade pieces that are as pretty as they are functional. But we quickly realised that we have limited hands and limited hours. Also, there were people we weren't reaching out to - the group that's unable or not willing to pay the high labour cost associated with artisan leathercrafters, who were often from developed countries and had higher cost of living. There had to be a better way to do this.

At the same time, we realised that there is an opportunity in the leather watch strap market. You have the mass market guys, offering low price but using leather and construction of questionable quality. And then you have the leathercrafters. They know the best leather and materials available on the market. They know the construction method that is the most durable, the "best". They are able to custom make anything - any material, any size. But man, do those straps cost quite a bit. 

That's where we feel we can best offer our years of experience in leathercrafting to bring value to the watch fam. While we aren't able to scale production at a reasonable cost, we understand leather, and we understand construction method. All it took was to find a factory that could do exactly what we wanted - using leather/thread/hardware we specify, constructing it exactly how we wanted, in our designs. And this is where the story of Delugs begins!


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