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Strap Guide: For Collectors, By Collectors

Strap Guide: For Collectors, By Collectors

We are extremely excited to have started a new initiative within the watch community - the Strap Guide. It is a showcase for photographs and write-ups of watches on our straps, written by members of our community!

As a strap retailer with hundreds of different straps available, the most common question and request we receive is for strap recommendations. With the many different watches out there, it can be challenging trying to find out what is the best looking combination for the watch. And not all of us have rich and vibrant imaginations, or dare to take a leap with a bold combination. Despite having the Strap Finder, which helps to visualise watch and strap combinations, nothing beats having real life photos of how the combination looks and works together. Sometimes it also helps if we can see how watches can pair with different outfits!

The Strap Guide series was created as a way to showcase different strap options on various watches, with the help of the watch community. We wanted to reach out to different personalities in our community, because of the variety that this provides.

  1. Variety in Watches. As much as we would like to think otherwise, there is just no way that anyone can own all the different watches in the world. With Strap Guides written by members of our community, it allows us to create guides for a wide variety of watches, even those that our team at Delugs might not have in our own collection.
  2. Variety in Strap Selection. Everyone has different preferences and tastes. Some of us may like a more monochrome look. Others may like vibrant colours. By reaching out to different collectors, we get to see a wide variety of choices and selection, and also hear about their reasons for choosing each individual strap.
  3. Variety in Photography. In this day and age of social media, photography has become a very big part of our watch collecting hobby, and there are a ton of talented photographers out there, each with their own personal shooting and editing style. The Strap Guide is a way to showcase the various photography styles from the collectors and photographers in our community.

We hope that you will enjoy reading through the various Strap Guides that we have created with the help of our community. If you would like to contribute with a Strap Guide of your own, do reach out to us!


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