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Photo Report: A Springy Weekend in Singapore

Photo Report: A Springy Weekend in Singapore


This past weekend, Delugs made its debut at Spring Sprang Sprung, an independent watch fair conceptualised as a fun, casual, welcoming and inclusive platform for independent watch brand owners and enthusiasts to share their passions, ideas, discussions and more. Brands and watch enthusiasts gathered for the event's second instalment, which focused on micro-brands.

Spring Sprang Sprung 2023


Despite the muggy weather all weekend, the event attracted a constant influx of eager enthusiasts ready to check out the latest brands on offer all in one place, allowing them to see, touch and feel the products before making a purchase. In the world of online shopping, this was a sensory delight. Some brands on display included Atelier Wen, Haavan Tuvali, Feynman, Lima, RZE, Zelos and many more. 



Spring Sprang Sprung was a great event with a chill and casual vibe that I appreciate. Everyone was there to see and buy watches and accessories but it was also a great space to see and talk about watches in the wild, and like any good watch meetup, chat with like-minded friends. 


Customer interactions at SSS 2023


From local artisans to international maestros, these microbrands showcased an impressive array of timepieces. The event was a treasure trove for those with a penchant for unique and unconventional watches with brands offering everything from their latest creations to archive pieces, enamelling workshops, watch accessories, watches and more. 



Delugs showcased a selection of our most popular items and introduced a new release at the fair for our friends at the event to have the first opportunity to purchase. A remake of a hot favourite- The Prism Duo case in British Racing Green and gold. This time with an additional slot, giving you the option to toggle between display and storage. 


Watches in the Wild

Being at the event provided a fascinating opportunity to discover and admire a wide array of unique timepieces in their natural environment. Each timepiece with a distinct charm and personality, and a story waiting to be explored. 



In addition to the flurry of events over the weekend, there were also several workshops planned for participants to engage on a different level as well as panel discussions. 


Our founder, Ken took to the stage on Sunday, together with other brand founders, participating in a panel discussion, discussing the success of Singapore-based brands. 
(From left to right: George Tan - Moderator, Elshan Tang - Founder of Zelos, Leon Leong - Boldr, Ken - Delugs)


The event was more than just displays and selling,  it was about meaningful interactions. Vendors eagerly shared their creations, providing insights into the craftsmanship behind their watches. For us, this was a rare opportunity to gain firsthand knowledge and insights from supporters of the brand. 


The event was a remarkable testament to the passion and enthusiasm of the watch community. It brought together local and international brands, watch aficionados, and enthusiasts from all walks of life. As the event drew to a close, it left behind a trail of satisfied smiles and unforgettable horological experiences. 


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