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Now Available: Rubber Straps for Cartier Santos de Cartier

Now Available: Rubber Straps for Cartier Santos de Cartier


  1. We are now taking pre-orders for Cut-to-Size FKM Rubber Straps for Cartier Santos de Cartier, fitted with the QuickSwitch attachment.
  2. These straps are available for both Medium and Large Santos, with five colours available (Black, Navy, White, Orange, Baby Blue). This would be the first commercially available rubber strap for Medium Santos.
  3. We are also releasing 10 new colours of Rubberised Leather (Togo).
  4. Pre-orders will close on 14 May 23, with deliveries expected in July 23.
  5. This is a one-off production, as we are no longer able to sell straps with the QuickSwitch adapter beyond 14 May 23 (read more here).


The Santos is Cartier's response to the market's demand for sports watch, and it has done immensely well with its good looks, classic design, and modern technology (QuickSwitch attachment, Smart Link bracelet sizing). However, for a sports watch, something that was starkly missing was a high quality rubber strap, either from the OEM or from a 3rd party. While Cartier does make rubber straps for the large Santos, it is limited in colours (just black and blue), and is not available for the medium Santos.

Making FKM rubber straps for the Cartier Santos de Cartier has been a key goal of ours for the past 1.5 years. A high quality rubber strap with the QuickSwitch attachment, in addition to the OEM bracelet and leather straps, would greatly increase the versatility of the Santos, and elevate the watch from good to great.

While we have been making leather straps for the Santos since Dec 2021, it always felt like an incomplete offering. We have been working on making FKM rubber straps with the QuickSwitch adapter for as long as we've been making the leather straps. But back then, we didn't have the experience in developing rubber straps, and trying to integrate rubber with metal proved to be way more difficult than we initially assumed.

After successfully developing our first rubber strap for Tissot PRX, and following that up with the regular CTS rubber straps (with the leaf spring deployant clasp), we started to gain more experience in making rubber straps, and had a better understanding of what customers were looking for in a rubber strap. We doubled down on our efforts to develop an FKM rubber strap for the Santos, until...

A Roadblock

In Dec 22, we were informed by Richemont to stop sales of our Santos de Cartier straps, and we were given six months to comply. That threw a spanner in the works, and initially we paused the development of an FKM rubber strap for the Santos given the significant investment of time, effort and money needed, but the lack of viability in the longer term.

However, it became clear after speaking to many collectors and customers that a rubber strap for Santos was something that almost every owner of the Santos wanted, and it didn't seem like an OEM version was in the works for the medium Santos.

At the same time, the positive reception to the regular CTS rubber strap gave us a lot of confidence in our expansion into the rubber strap market, and we saw how the CTS style of strap, and the leaf spring deployant clasp, really enhanced the look and comfort in wearing a watch. 

We made a decision to resume the development of the Santos CTS Rubber Strap, even with the limited timeframe to develop and bring the strap to market. At the end of the day, even if we could not sell the straps due to legal issues, our team at Delugs would still have a really comfortable strap for the Santos.

One-Off Production

With less than a month to go before the impending deadline, we successfully made a prototype of the CTS Rubber Strap for the Large Santos, after over a year long journey of R&D. Following a brief period of product testing, we were confident of the quality, and have decided to open pre-orders for the CTS Rubber Straps for Santos de Cartier.

We will be opening pre-orders from now until 14 May, with the production of the straps commencing thereafter, and with deliveries expected in Jul 23. As we are unable to continue selling straps with the QuickSwitch attachment beyond May 23, this will be a one-time production, and we will not be taking further orders for this specific strap after we close the order books on 14 May.

Strap Specifications and Details

Available in Large and Medium
We're not leaving anyone behind. Owners of the Medium size Santos have traditionally had no options for a rubber strap (not even from Cartier!), but that ends now. The rubber straps are available in all colours for both the Large and Medium Santos de Cartier with the QuickSwitch attachment.

For the Medium Santos, the strap tapers from approximately 19mm at the lugs, to 16mm at the clasp. For the Large Santos, the strap tapers from approximately 21mm at the lugs, to 18mm at the clasp.

Seamless integration and execution
The straps have been designed to complement the Santos with a firm emphasis on the same form, minimalist aesthetics, and proportions. The rubber surface offers a smooth but slightly grained texture, as well as decorative ridge lines that flow into the case bezel.

Cut-to-size functionality and clean ends
Its cut-to-size functionality also ensures a perfect fit for every wrist size, with no excess strap to detract from its clean, chic look.

Considered Design
The leaf-spring style deployant clasp found on our Rubber CTS straps has also been incorporated into these straps, and offer a snappiness and convenience to your sport watch. What’s more, these come with yet another innovation - additional spring bar holes that offer even more fine adjustment to achieve the perfect fit.

Do note that the OEM deployant clasp will not fit these straps.

Reliable FKM rubber and stainless steel clasp
Tried-and-tested FKM (fluoroelastomer) rubber is used for the best combination of flexibility and durability, and is secured by a 316L stainless steel clasp offered in the same colours in the Santos range - Gold, Rose Gold, Black, and classic Silver in a brushed finish.

With 5 colours to choose from, you’ll have even more possibilities for customising your look. The straps are available in Black, Navy, White, Orange, and Baby Blue.

Even More Options for Customisation

New Colours of Rubberised Leather
If you’re looking for yet more looks, we’re proud to also be releasing another 10 colours of Rubberised Leather in Togo pattern grain for that unique blend of leather and rubber in a waterproof and scratch-resistant package. The 10 new colours include: Light Blue, Navy, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Taupe, Brown, Cream, Orange, Hunter Green, White.

Needless to say, our standard customisation options which include all available leathers continue to be available until 14 May 2023. Click here to start customising!

Pre-order Timeline
Delivery of the pre-order Rubber CTS straps, as well as all custom straps intended for the Santos de Cartier, is expected to begin in July 2023. Do take note that while the delivery may take some time, this is a one-off production run and we will stop taking new orders by 14 May 2023, so put your name down while you can!

The straps will be priced at US$275 / pair.



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