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New and Improved Quick Release Spring Bars

New and Improved Quick Release Spring Bars

At Delugs, it is no secret that we are obsessed about quick release spring bars and have been huge proponents of them from the very beginning, so much so that it comes default on all of our straps where it makes sense. Quick release spring bars (as opposed to regular spring bars) allow you to quickly change straps without the use of any spring bar tools, reducing the risk of scratching your watch lugs. The convenience that quick release spring bars (QRSB) accords is life-changing - if you haven't experienced it before, stop reading now and purchase one of our straps to try it out!

The Problem with Typical Quick Release Spring Bars

However, there are a few complaints about QRSBs that staunch supporters of regular spring bars often tout.

  1. The knob on QRSBs can fall off, which removes the quick release function. This is made worse by the second complaint...
  2. QRSBs often only have single shoulder on both sides (see diagram below). This makes it almost impossible to use a spring bar tool to remove the spring bar if the knob falls off, because there is nothing for the tool to catch onto.
  3. QRSBs are often shorter than regular spring bars and don't feel as secure.
  4. You cannot easily swap out QRSBs because the knob is in the way.

Well, after a long period of R&D, our new and improved quick release spring bars are finally here to change that. These spring bars are custom developed and manufactured to resolve all of those problems, so that there's really no reason for you to stick with regular spring bars if your watch doesn't require specialty spring bars.

Custom Developed Quick Release Spring Bars

These spring bars have the following features:

  1. Welded Knobs. The quick release knobs are welded into the spring bar, instead of being wedged into the bar like regular QRSB, which prevents them from ever falling off (you can't pry them out even if you wanted to!)
  2. Double Flange. The knob side of the spring bar comes with a standard single shoulder (which is necessary to allow you to insert / remove QRSBs from straps - see point 4 below), while the other end of the QRSB comes with  a double flange. If somehow the knobs still manage to fall off or become inaccessible, you will still be able to remove the straps using a standard spring bar tool, just like any regular spring bars.
  3. Longer Retractable Ends. The end of the spring bar with double flange is made with a longer spring-retractable component. This allows us to make the spring bar longer than regular QRSBs, which gives a more secure feel when you are using the bars. In addition, even if there are slight variance in the lug width of your watch (a problem typically found in vintage watches), our spring bars will likely be able to fit without issues.
  4. Easily Removable from Strap. Also, QRSBs are actually easily removable from your strap without any tools, so you can switch them out if you ever want. See how you can do it here!

And because curved straps are all the rage these days, we've also developed a line of curved quick release spring bars with the same features.

When Should You Use Regular Spring Bars?

Are there situations when you should forego quick release spring bars on straps? In my opinion, the only time to NOT use straps with quick release spring bars is when you need specialty spring bars for your watch. For example:

  • Watches that require thicker spring bars (e.g. some models of Rolex or Seiko divers)
  • Watches that use screw-in bars (e.g. Panerai). Do note that watches from some brands (like Cartier and Breguet) also use screw-in bars, but regular QRSBs also fit fine.
  • Precious metal watches that come with precious metal spring bars. If you are worried about steel spring bars damaging your precious metal watch, you should switch back to the OEM precious metal spring bars.
  • Nonetheless, you could still purchase a strap meant for use with QRSBs, remove the QRSB and insert in the OEM spring bar to use with your watch.

Some people also do not like the look of the knob on the strap, especially if it can be seen when the watch is worn on the wrist. To this group, I would recommend to give QRSBs a try, experience the convenience, and you may change your mind.

For Everything Else, Quick Release Spring Bars Are The Way to Go

Spring bars are the smallest component of a watch strap, yet they are extremely crucial because a single failure at the spring bar will cause your strap to detach from your watch, with potentially disastrous consequences. We spared no effort in developing proprietary spring bars, even though most people won't even notice them, because we want you to use our straps with confidence, and we think quick release spring bars are the future.

If you are a watch strap brand that are still selling straps without quick release spring bars, and you are reading this article, I hope you would do the watch community a favour and switch away from regular spring bars. Let's make quick release spring bars a default on all straps, and stop scratching our beloved watches with sharp spring bar tools.

Note 1: All of our straps will be fitted with these newly developed quick release spring bars as a default. If you would like to purchase additional springs bars to replace those found on your older Delugs or non-Delugs straps, you may do so here.

Note 2: As we are progressively introducing these new QRSBs into our ready stock straps, if the straps that you purchase are from an older batch that was made previously, they may still be fitted with the old QRSBs.


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