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Introducing: The Delugs Ambassador Program

Introducing: The Delugs Ambassador Program

Supporting the watch community has always been a cornerstone of Delugs’ development journey – after all, our team is mostly made up of watch enthusiasts! Even as we grow as a brand, we want to ensure that we’re still connected and listening to the community, and making accessories that fellow watch enthusiasts will be excited about. We want to build up a community that has a passion for both watches, and straps and accessories. 

To that end, we are proud to launch the Delugs Ambassador Program (DAP) today! We're starting with an initial cohort of 7 Ambassadors, all of whom are trusted voices within the online and local watch community, and have also been long-time customers and fans of Delugs.

A Shared Vision: Cultivating a Global Watch Community

The vision for the Delugs Ambassador Program is simple to articulate, but requires some effort to achieve - to cultivate a community of advocates who don't just wear our products but become the resonant voice for our brand. This is way more than just a marketing strategy; it's a bridge, connecting Delugs with the diverse watch communities scattered across the globe. The development journey of Delugs has always been shaped by our community, and we hope to establish a network of enthusiasts who are not merely consumers but active contributors to our brand's evolution.

We want to tap into the shared passion that unites watch aficionados globally. By fostering a community of brand ambassadors, we seek to connect with individuals who share the same fervor for horology and craftsmanship. This connection goes beyond the surface—it's about creating a space where ideas flourish, feedback is valued, and the pulse of the watch community is truly felt.

Engaging in Meaningful Dialogues and Sharing Insights

Unlike conventional ambassador programs that simply involve receiving free products, the Delugs Ambassador Program is a dynamic, two-way street. It's not solely about what the brand can offer to ambassadors but also about what they can bring to our brand. We envision a relationship built on mutual respect and collaboration.

The program actively encourages frequent interactions between Ambassadors and the Delugs team. It's not a one-off transaction but an ongoing dialogue aimed at understanding the unique perspectives of watch enthusiasts worldwide. Our Ambassadors will be actively involved in our decision-making process, providing invaluable feedback and bouncing around ideas that could shape the future of Delugs.

This commitment to engagement ensures that the Delugs Ambassador Program isn't just a title but a role that demands active participation. Our Ambassadors have the opportunity to share insights from their respective communities, voice their opinions on upcoming products, and play a pivotal role in the iterative process of product development.

Building a Community of Watch Accessories Lovers

While there are many watch brands that help to fuel the passion for watchmaking and horology, there’s few brands focused solely on cultivating a passion for watch straps and accessories. Accessories play a huge role in one’s appreciation for watches, and something as simple as a strap change can alter one’s perspective on a watch. 

We want to do our part to cultivate and build a community of watch accessories lover, and the Delugs Ambassador Program is an important step towards that direction. We hope to create a global network that celebrates not just the artistry of watchmaking, but also the complementary role that accessories play in enhancing the overall experience.

Through our Ambassadors, we hope to invite watch enthusiasts to become part of something larger—a movement that revels in the art of horology, and appreciates the craftsmanship of not just watches, but the ecosystem of straps and accessories.

To learn more about the program and see the list of Ambassadors, please see here.


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