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Heng Long tannery: For all your alligator needs!

Heng Long tannery: For all your alligator needs!

As a crafter, it's crucial to get the best quality of raw materials that you can afford to. Here at Delugs, the quality of the leather we use is everything. Good construction can't save a strap if it's made with low quality leather. And when it comes to Alligator leather, there's one place in the world that delivers the best quality - Heng Long tannery.

We consider ourselves extremely lucky to just be a quick 10 minutes drive away from Heng Long, which produces exotic skins for the top international fashion houses such as LV, Hermes etc. It is wholly owned by LVMH, the conglomerate behind many huge fashion brands such as Louis Vuitton, Moynat, Fendi, Christian Dior etc.

While Heng Long primarily sells to its corporate customers, they are also open for sales to retail customers. Whether you are looking to buy what's currently in their inventory (over 10000 skins from what I'm told!) or have a colour/finish Made-to-Order, they are able to do so. Visiting their tannery in person, it's incredible how large their in-stock selection is! I spent a few hours in the building, and only managed to see a handful of boxes stacked with different types of alligator skin.

All of this quality, variety and selection comes at a price. Heng Long alligator skins are some of the most expensive in the world, especially if you opt for some special colours or finishes, and in their top grade. But having seen the skins in person, I do believe that the price is fair, and what you pay is what you get.

At the end of the day, I walked away with 9 different colours and finishes that are just pure beauty, and work of art in its own right. Straps crafted from these leather are sure to match your timepiece, and elevate the feel of luxury on your wrist.





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