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DDC20: Time to Vote!

DDC20: Time to Vote!

It is time to vote for the Delugs Design Competition! If you have no idea what that is, read about the competition at this link. Just a recap - there were 3 parts to this competition. Design, Vote, Deliver. After 3 long months, we are finally at the Voting phase.

We received a total of 17 entries for the very first DDC, definitely more than I expected. A few folks even submitted more than one entry! The designs for all 17 straps were quite stunning, and definitely stretched the possibilities of what a bespoke strap can be, and what can be done on a leather strap.

Now, it is time for all of you to vote for your favourite strap. The winner at the end of the voting phase will get $300 in store credit, and the winning strap will be named after the designer. This strap will be open for sales for a limited period, at the original cost of US$50. 

Before going into details on each of the 17 straps, we'll run through how the voting will be done. After consulting with every participant, we have come up with the following voting system. There are two ways to vote:

  1. Vote by Form. Vote for your favourite strap through Google Forms. You may only vote for one strap. Each vote through the form will give 1 point to the strap.
  2. Vote by Pre-Order. Vote by pre-ordering the strap. Pre-order costs $5, and puts you on the list to purchase the strap if it wins the competition and gets made. Each pre-order vote will give 5 points towards that strap.

Voting will last through July, and votes from both the Form and Pre-Order will be tallied up on 31 Jul. Winner will be announced shortly after that, and orders for the winning strap will open up then.

And now, the moment you've been waiting for. Here are the 17 straps (ordered by their date of entry into the competition), and may the best strap win!

#1 - Inner Peace

Style: Chunky Signature
Top Leather: Shell Cordovan in Cognac
Lining Leather: Waxed Camouflage in Blue
Keeper Leather: Chromexcel in Whiskey
Thread Colour: White
Other Features: Fixed Keeper at 7.5mm wide, while floating is at 5mm.

#2 - Perennial Dogma

Style: Slim
Top Leather: Epsom Smooth in Yellow
Lining Leather: Russian Hatch Grain in Oxblood
Keeper Leather: Russian Hatch Grain in Chicago Blue
Thread Colour: Navy Blue
Description: Oxblood underneath is informing of altruistic values. Yellow and black are symbolic of Earth and flowering landscapes. A blue sky tying living days to this Earth.

#3 - Mad Wax

Style: Rally Slim
Top Leather: Waxy in Navy 
Lining Leather: Waxed Camouflage in Blue
Keeper Leather: Waxy in Navy (Fixed), Waxed Camouflage in Blue (Floating)
Thread Colour: Blue
Description/Message from Designer: The inspiration for the strap came from a few areas. First and foremost, I wanted something that stood out but wasn’t too ridiculous. It’s easy to take the idea of wide customization options too far, so I wanted something that would look stunning and have a bit of personality. After browsing through the leather options, I thought, why not combine the best of two waxy leathers? The top leather is a familiar navy blue, but under it is a subtle yet bold statement of blue waxed camo, which can only really be viewed when the watch is off the wrist and inspected. I love admiring my straps and the case backs of my watches, so I thought this would be a great visual touch. Because the color will be shown as the wax rubs off (over time), I thought it would be awesome to see the bottom leather change gradually as you take your watch off while the top leather kept its resilience in appearance. To make an already good idea great, it had to then become a rally strap. The results are stunning.

#4 - The GT

Style: Signature
Top Leather: Shell Cordovan in Navy
Lining Leather: Epsom Smooth in Light Grey
Keeper Leather: Epsom Smooth in Light Grey
Thread Colour: Light Grey
Description/Message from Designer: The navy shell cordovan was inspired by the Mustang GT with stripes. Although the 2 stripes are usually white, I went for the grey.

#5 - The Le Mans

Style: Rally Signature
Top Leather: Epsom in Light Blue
Lining Leather: Epsom Smooth in Orange
Keeper Leather: Epsom Smooth in Black
Thread Colour: Orange
Other Features: Orange Padding
Description/Message from Designer: The light blue with orange accent was inspired by the GT40's Gulf livery in Le Mans.

#6 - National

Style: Slim
Top Leather: Epsom Smooth in White
Lining Leather: Epsom Smooth in Bordeaux
Keeper Leather: Epsom Smooth in Red
Thread Colour: Red
Other Features: White Accent Side-Stitch
Description/Message from Designer: Bright, fresh & vibrant for the never ending summer in Singapore. Something that stands out, but is still extremely versatile.

#7 - Strawberry Milkshake

Style: Chunky Signature
Top Leather: Epsom in Milkshake White
Lining Leather: Chromexcel in Color 8
Keeper Leather: Shell Cordovan in Cognac (Fixed), Shell Cordovan in Navy (Floating)
Thread Colour: White
Other Features: Double Fixed Keeper, Navy Accent Side-Stitch, Reinforced Leather Layer at Strap Holes (Cognac Shell Cordovan)

#8 - Low Tide

Style: Chunky Signature
Top Leather: Epsom in Light Grey
Lining Leather: Epsom in Red
Keeper Leather: Shell Cordovan in Navy (Fixed), Epsom in Izmir Blue (Floating 1), Epsom in Sky Blue (Floating 2), Epsom in Light Blue (Floating 3)
Thread Colour: Medium Blue
Other Features: 1 Fixed Keeper, 3 Floating Keeper. Fixed Keeper at 8mm wide, while floating is at 5mm. Reinforced Leather Layer at Strap Holes (Navy Shell Cordovan). White Accent Side-Stitch. Shiny Black Buckle.
Description/Message from Designer: The color scheme would be visually nice on a black dive watch.


#9 - Joker

Style: Signature
Top Leather: Chromexcel in Color 8
Lining Leather: Epsom in White
Keeper Leather: Epsom in Hunter Green (Fixed), Epsom in Green (Floating 1), Epsom in Pink (Floating 2)
Thread Colour: Hunter Green
Other Features: 1 Fixed, 2 Floating Keepers. Pink Accent Side-Stitch. Shiny Black Buckle.
Description/Message from Designer: I was looking for something for a SARY147/snowflake textured white dial watch and thought of the Joker. So hopefully the color scheme invokes that look.


#10 - The Brit

Style: Rally Signature
Top Leather: Epsom in Hunter Green
Lining Leather: Epsom in Golden Brown
Keeper Leather: Chromexcel in Whiskey
Thread Colour: Cream
Other Features: Milkshake White Padding
Description/Message from Designer: The Hunter Green Epsom strap was inspired by the Mini Cooper in British Racing Green.


#11 - The Artisan

Style: Slim
Top Leather: Shell Cordovan in Natural
Lining Leather: Barenia in Tan
Keeper Leather: Barenia in Tan
Thread Colour: Cream
Other Features: Additional cross-box stitching at keepers. Curved lugs.
Description/Message from Designer: I wanted something simple and elegant that also highlights the craftsmanship which goes into Delugs straps. The Artisan strap showcases the beauty of the leather and includes some extra stitchwork that isn’t immediately noticeable to anyone but the wearer.

#12 - Scarlet

Style: Slim
Top Leather: Epsom in Black
Lining Leather: Epsom in Bordeaux
Keeper Leather: Epsom in Bordeaux (Fixed), Epsom in Black (Floating)
Thread Colour: Black
Other Features: Bordeaux Accent Side-Stitch (Keepers only)
Description/Message from Designer: “The devil is in the details” In this iteration of the Epsom leather strap, the constrasting color of the keeper, the underside and side stitch deviates from your conventional monochromatic black straps. However, the subtlety of the red tones also preserves the classic look that the 20-16 width brings about, simultaneously drawing attention to the texture of the leather. This perfect imperfection also pays homage to the Sinn X The Hour Glass 40th anniversary, 356 Flieger. Apparent in the dial is the kintsugi effect where it has an erratic brushed finish unique to each of the 100 pieces made. The understated red on the “Scarlet” also complements the red second hand that pops on this chronograph. A classy and playful strap that I’m sure Deadpool would definitely approve.


#13 - AmsterDayum

Style: Slim
Top Leather: Epsom in Navy
Lining Leather: Epsom Smooth in Orange
Keeper Leather: Epsom in Light Grey (Fixed), Epsom in Navy (Floating)
Thread Colour: Grey
Other Features: Trapezium Strap End Style
Description/Message from Designer: The “AmsterDayum” was very much designed with the Grand Seiko SBGH267 in mind. With the choice of 3 primary colors - Navy Blue, Grey and Orange to complement the colors of the Dial, Case and GS logo. Epsom was the choice of leather as it blends in with the immaculate spiral engraving of the SBGH267’s dial. The orange back further complements the “sexy back- blue rotor” of this special edition Caliber 9s. The “AmsterDayum” also makes a reference to the Dutch colors and its party scene. Crafted with a versatile navy blue front but also a playful pop of orange at the back! “Business at the front, Party at the back” A sinful strap depicting freedom, like the city of Amsterdam. Dayum!


#14 - Flip Flop

Style: Chunky Signature
Top Leather: Chromexcel in Natural
Lining Leather: Waxed Camouflage in Blue
Keeper Leather: Waxy in Brown
Thread Colour: Cream
Other Features: Reversible Strap. Leather reinforcement at lugs and strap holes (Brown Waxy), 3 Floating Keepers.
Description/Message from Designer: I wanted a strap that I could use to dress-up or dress-down my favorite dive watch on the fly.


#15 - Summer Casual

Style: Signature
Top Leather: Epsom in Light Grey
Lining Leather: Zermatt
Keeper Leather: Epsom in Navy (Fixed), Epsom in Sky Blue (Floating)
Thread Colour: White
Other Features: Lime Green stitching at end of strap
Description/Message from Designer: The design inspiration came from a lot of the clothes and colours I wear for summer. Lots of light fabric white shirts and t-shirts, and blue shorts and trainers. I also have a pair of shoes that match the colours quite well 😅 The green stitches came about just because of my original idea of wanting a green strap, and my friends/girlfriend know I love colourful/fun designs and clothing. A little splash of colour on a muted outfit can make it look much more interesting!


#16 - Ultra-Strap

Style: Slim
Top Leather: Epsom in Black
Lining Leather: Epsom Smooth in Orange
Keeper Leather: Epsom in Orange (Fixed), Epsom in Black (Floating)
Thread Colour: Orange
Description/Message from Designer: “Ultra-Strap”, as the name suggests, was designed & created for the Omega Speedy Tuesday Ultraman watch. The strap’s color scheme reflects the association of Ultraman & The Science Patrol, the agency in which one of its members whose secret identity is the Ultraman. Orange is the color of The Science Patrol uniform. Orange stitching was used to highlight color of The Science Patrol & the single fixed keeper in orange color was to reflect the permanent link of ultraman to the agency. Black, the chosen color for the strap, was used as backdrop to feature the mysterious aura of Ultraman.


#17 - Bond/007

Style: Two-Tone Stripe
Top Leather: Epsom in Black/Light Grey/Black
Lining Leather: Zermatt
Keeper Leather: Epsom in Black (Fixed), Epsom in Light Grey (Floating)
Thread Colour: Black
Description/Message from Designer: The idea came from a NATO strap. And I've been seeing that it's been called the James Bond. But I don't see a similar style in leather straps so that why I tot it would be nice to have one like that. Good watch to go on? Would be an omega or a speedy. Though I think it would pair well with a white blizzard as well.




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