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Brand Ambassador: Kelven @onefree5ole

Brand Ambassador: Kelven @onefree5ole

We are pleased to introduce Kelven (@onefree5ole) from PNW, USA as our Brand Ambassador!

Read on to learn more his favourite watch brand and complication, his hobbies, why he decided to join the Brand Ambassador Program, and more!


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

I am a Canadian through and through and have lived in various countries around the world. Currently living in Seattle and enjoying every bit about it.  

When and how did you get into watches?

I blame my wife for getting me into watches as it was her wedding gift (IWC Portugieser Chronograph Classic) that started me on my journey. Since then I've had too many to count come through the rotation. Thankfully this is a healthy hobby ;)

Apart from watches and photography, what are some of your other passions or hobbies?

I love my cars. I don't track them but have a passion for the mechanical and performance nature of these fast paced machines. I also love to travel and eat... and drink. Basically anything indulgent!

What is your favourite watch brand and why?

That's a difficult one for me. I like having variety in my collection but my top three if I had to pick would be Vacheron Constantin, Rolex and Cartier.

What is the one watch in your collection you never thought you would own, and why?

Vacheron Constantin Overseas. I didn't think I would ever own one of the trinity and in the blue dial variant that I love so much. It is my favourite watch in the collection and one that I will always go back to.

Are there any specific watch complications or features that fascinate you the most?

I'm less so about the complications of a watch. Does it have 2-3 hands? If so, I'm on board! For me it is about aesthetic first and foremost and I know that this is a loaded answer. Looks are so subjective but for me having the right design proportions on the dial and a slim case are a must.

Do you have any daily rituals related to watches?

I like to grab and go.  

Why did you decide to join the Delugs Brand Ambassador program?

I believe in Ken and the brand. His products have always been high quality and through this ambassador program intro, I came to know him a bit more as a person too. I think his vision and commitment to said vision is something to be admired.

Top 5 favourite Delugs products?

Vacheron Constantin Overseas CTS Rubber Strap

Navy Pueblo Slim Strap

Denim Chevre Slim Strap

Orange Tissot PRX Rubber Strap

Grigio Minerva Box Signature Strap

Lastly, we will end off with a series of quick fire questions.

Vintage or Modern? Modern

Dress or Sport? Sport

Strap or Bracelet? Bracelet

Rubber or Leather? Leather

To learn more about the Brand Ambassador program, please visit the following page.


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