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Brand Ambassador: Alvin Chong @watchrology

Brand Ambassador: Alvin Chong @watchrology

We are pleased to introduce Alvin (@watchrology) from Singapore as our Delugs Ambassador!

Read on to learn more his favourite watch brand (no prizes for getting it right) and complication, his hobbies, why he decided to join the Delugs Ambassador Program, and more!


Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your background?

 I majored in History and Public Policy.

When and how did you get into watches?

I was encouraged to get a watch during NS (National Service). While I was researching for one, I came across an article on the Rolex Submariner. As a history buff, I was intrigued by how a watch, which seemed like an ordinary everyday mundane thing to me back then, could have such a remarkable history and influence in pop culture. From there, I read more about the different brands and iconic timepieces and I was hooked.

Apart from watches and photography, what are some of your other passions or hobbies?

 Gaming (PlayStation) and watching Movies/TV Shows.

What is your favourite watch brand and why?

Cartier because of their whimsical play on shapes, proportions and classical aesthetics. 

What is the one watch in your collection you never thought you would own, and why?

The Cartier Pebble because of its rarity; before the latest reissue, there were only 6 other Pebbles in existence for about five decades.

Are there any specific watch complications or features that fascinate you the most?

I am more of a pure time-only person, so complications do not really fascinate me, although I do get its appeal. The simplicity and purity of a time-only watch is the greatest and most historical complication in my opinion, and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Do you have any daily rituals related to watches?

Not really, but most of the time I do not wind my watches (since most of them are manual-wind) and leave them at 10:10 for the most photogenic wrist shot wherever I go.

Why did you decide to join the Delugs Ambassador program?

I have known Ken and the brand for a very long time - since it started. I use many of Delugs’ straps as well (love its variety of leather, colours and sizes) so I did not hesitate much to join!  

Top 5 favourite Delugs products?

1. Taupe Epsom Slim Strap

2. Green Alcantara Signature Strap

3. Cognac Pueblo Slim Strap

4. Navy Shell Cordovan Slim Strap

5. Gold Chèvre Slim Strap

As you can tell, I am a huge fan of Delugs’ slim straps as they conform very nicely to the wrist.

Lastly, we will end off with a series of quick fire questions.

Vintage or Modern? - Modern

Dress or Sport? - Dress

Strap or Bracelet? - Strap

Rubber or Leather? - Leather

To learn more about the Brand Ambassador program, please visit the following page.


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