Our Customisation Details

Customisation Options


Choose the leather and colour for the strap. Learn more about Our Leather here.

Choose from the following styles: Signature, Slim, Side-Stitch, Row-Stitch, Chunky, Chunky Signature, Stitchless, Rally Side-Stitch, Rally Slim, Pilot, Stripe, Two-Tone Rally, Apple Watch. Learn more about Our Styles here.

If you would like to make a strap other than the styles we offer (for e.g. Casa Fagliano style for Reverso), you can place a bespoke order and let us know what style you would want.

Choose the lug width and buckle width for your strap. We do not recommend a taper of more than 5mm for aesthetic reasons. See here for more details.

Use the following format: Lug Width-Buckle Width. For example, 20-18 refers to a strap that is 20mm at the lug end, and 18mm at the buckle end.

Choose the strap lengths that best match your wrist and preference. You can either go with our standard lengths (105/65 for small, 115/70 for medium, or 125/75 for large) or specify your own lengths. If you are unsure what length to specify, refer to our sizing guide here.

Note: the first number (e.g. 115) refers to the length of the longer end with the strap holes in millimeters, while the second number (e.g. 70) refers to the length of the shorter end with the buckle.

Choose from any of our 75 thread colours for the main stitch.

Let us know if you would like to add an accent side-stitch, and if so, the colour. Not applicable for the side-stitch or stitchless style.

Specify if you would like the lugs to be curved. See here if you are unsure if your watch requires curved lugs.

Choose if you would like quick release spring bars (default) or normal spring bars. (P.S. the answer is always quick release! You can still replace spring bars with quick release knob even if it falls off!)

Choose between Brushed Silver (default), Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, or Black finish. See here for more details.

Bespoke (Additional Options)

Choose the leather and colour for the lining layer of the strap (the layer that is touching your skin). See here for more details.

Choose the number and type of keepers. The standard configuration is one floating keeper (able to move freely) and one fixed keeper (fixed position just after the buckle).

Choose the leather and colour used for the keepers. You may choose different leather and colour for each keeper.

Choose the width of your keeper. Default width is 5mm.

Choose the thread thickness between 0.35mm or 0.55mm. Default thickness for most styles is 0.35mm, and 0.55mm for Chunky and Chunky Signature style.

Choose the distance between each individual stitch. Default stitch width is 2.7mm. This is also known as SPI (stitches per inch). 2.7mm stitch width translates to 10 SPI.

Choose your edge paint colour. Default is to match the top leather colour, but you may also choose it to match the thread colour. We custom mix our edge paint so we can match most of the top leather colour. While we strive to make it as close as possible, there might be some differences in colour.

Choose the overall thickness of the strap. As a reference, our Signature style is 4.5-2 (4.5mm thick at the lug end, and 2mm thick at the strap hole). Our Slim style is 2.2-2.2 (2.2mm throughout).

Choose between Round (default) or Oval. The buckle provided will be according to the shape of strap holes - regular buckles for Round holes, and Pre-V buckle for Oval holes.

Choose the number of strap holes you would like, from 1 to 9, with 7 being the default. Note: if you want to strap to fit your wrist well, we recommend to adjust the length and not increase the number of strap holes.

Choose the distance between each hole. Either 5mm, 6mm (default) or 7mm.

Choose the distance (in mm) from the lug to the middle strap hole. The rest of the strap holes will be aligned based on this. If not specified, we will position the strap holes about 60% down the strap.

For example, if the strap length is 115mm, the middle hole will be 70mm (60% of 115mm) from the lug

Choose between Standard (default), Rounded, or Trapezium.