Our Custom Program

We can custom make straps for you to fit your watches perfectly. There are two different sorts of custom made straps: Made-to-Order straps or Bespoke straps. In a nutshell, for made-to-order straps, you are only changing a few key aspects (style, leather, width, length, stitch colour), while for bespoke straps, you can change almost every aspect of the strap. 

Custom made straps take longer to be sent to you (anywhere from 6-8 weeks before sending your strap out) as our crafters only start once the order is placed. There are also some leather that we only offer as custom made straps at the moment, such as exotic leather. Prices are also different. MTO straps are $10 more expensive than their in-stock version, and Bespoke straps are $10 more expensive than their MTO version. (For example, in-stock Chromexcel straps would cost $80, MTO Chromexcel straps would cost $90, Bespoke Chromexcel straps would cost $100.) We appreciate your patience and understanding!

We understand that there is a lot of terminology and options available. If you look at the fields and feel overwhelmed or confused, just leave it blank and we will either use the default or check back with you before proceeding with crafting your strap. If you have any other queries on the customisation process, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at support@delugs.com.